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Stripper wholesale halloween costumes

David McGlynnMore On:rapeDad wholesale halloween costumes allegedly fathered 8 kids by daughter he kept as sex slaveEx-cop on trial for rape kills himself after SWAT team standoffSon who raped his mom gets 11 years in prisonWoman forced to marry her rapist at 11 pushes for marriage law changeA Penthouse Executive Club stripper claims a prominent investment analyst — who was instrumental in a $1 billion short sale against Herbalife — raped her in a private dance room at the W. 45th St. flesh emporium.

The womans new Manhattan civil lawsuit swimwear manufacturer China says former Pershing Square analyst Shane Dinneen invited her to join him in the VIP area around 11:30 p.m. on April 29.

The 35-year-old wholesale swimwear Midtown West resident paid the host for 30 minutes with the dancer. After the host left the room the 39-year-old stripper started dancing for Dinneen, the suit says.

Almost immediately Dinneen unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis, the suit says.jpwgm156693

She told him to stop. Instead he jumped on top of her, according to court papers.

She screamed and yelled, but no one heard her, the suit says.

The stripper suggested they watch child porn in an effort to escape. The suit says Dineen had a history and propensity for violence, sexual deviance and often attempted to obtain child pornography from agents or employees of Penthouse Executive Club once he became intoxicated.

She eventually got the attention of club security, who rushed into the room and pulled Dinneen off of her, the suit says.

Her attorney, Keith White, told The Post that his client called the police that night.

But theres no mention of police involvement in her civil suit and an NYPD spokesperson said she didnt report the alleged rape until May 17– over two weeks after the alleged incident.

She was treated at Beth Israel Hospital, according to police. White said his client had a rape kit performed, but the results have been sealed by the Manhattan District Attorneys office.

Dinneen has not been arrested or charged, but the NYPDs Special Victims Unit is still investigating, according to a department spokesperson.

White said his client spoke with the Manhattan District attorneys office just last week, but he doesnt believe Dinneen will be charged.

The reason why we decided to file this lawsuit is because we dont have confidence that the Manhattan District Attorney is going to prosecute this type of defendant — a rich, white man, White said.

DA Joan Vollero called the allegation baseless.

see alsoAnalyst who helped short Herbalife exits Pershing SquareShane Dinneen, the Pershing Square analyst who did much of...The office has a long track record of prosecuting sex crimes without regard to the identity, ethnicity or socioeconomic status of either the victim or defendant.

Reached by telephone Dinneen said, Im not going to comment. Im going to hang up now.

He left Pershing Square Capital Management in 2014 after conducting research that exposed Herbalife as an alleged pyramid scheme.

At the time of his departure his boss, noted activist investor Bill Ackman, hailed Dinneen as one of the most talented investment analysts I have ever worked with and someone I hold in high regard.
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