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Posted: Mon, 08 Jan 2018 09:43:14 GMT

HOMEWORK is not something that many kids enjoy doing, particularly when you have to do it over the Christmas break.

So when one child was told that he finally had to do his English homework that he had been putting off all holidays he didn’t hold back on how he felt about the issue.

Lisa Vale posted a picture of her seven-year-old son Angus’s homework to Twitter, after he had completed it in the sassiest way possible.

He was tasked with creating sentences that had to include one of the following words: over, one, little, can, two, that, out, said, off and three.

Angus, clearly upset with having to do any homework at all, decided to get a bit creative with his responses.

“Reminded my kid he needed to do his homework he put off for 3 wks during break. This is his finished work. Only 7 and already #TrollingHisTeacher,” Ms Vale wrote on Twitter.

Rather than creating a series of generic sentences using the provided words, Angus’s sentences focused on how much he despised homework.

He started off simple with phrases like “I’m so over homework” and “No one likes homework” but the sentences eventually got more creative with hilarious additions like “My cat pooped out my homework”.

Angus even finished off his work with an environmental message writing: “Save the trees. Less homework.”

Since being posted online, Angus’s sassy responses have gained a lot of attention, with people applauding the young boy for his imaginative answers.

But not everyone thought the answers were something to be laughed at, with some commenters saying they were disrespectful.

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